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a poem by
Kelley White
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Driving with children

I was at Mom's house.
My friend was there.
The house blew up.
That clock by the bed was the bomb.
We went to heaven.
It was an arcade.
I went outside.
God was watering his garden.
My friend has hallucinations.
He has these headaches.
Everyone in his family has them.
At school a seagull came down and attacked him in the science room.
He was beating at it with his shoe.
Dad had a new pet.
It was a sea cucumber.
Every five minutes he had to take it out and pet it.
You know those big dogs near Mom's office?
I looked out my window and saw one.
It was just running running running down the street.
No, you didn't see that; I did.
I was the one that saw it.
You just think you saw it.
You just think you remember it because I told you.
You and that boy were going out.
You were in the cafeteria.
He was wearing these high-heeled shoes.
The heels were these metal things that the water comes out of on hoses.
What do you call them, nozzles?


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