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a poem by
Jared O. Hughes
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The popular conception of an organist

the popular conception of an organist is
out of this world and the case in hand
a life lived circular and of horatio. oh horatio!

yet suppose nothing could be further than the truth
his mother and father were both chapel sextets
squandered lust and forgotten balconies in Connetticut

though heritage did not come naturally
one in right minds would scream prosaicly
anything but drab - yet feet planted firmly

on gods sober review
the hue and border alarm
clocks closed windows

if planning could pin details - which he
doesnt like to think about even now
endevors constantly the finer points of proffessions

the old hymns catch virility in his rock of ages
new contraptions will never fail retirement
and how terribly fruitful that last brass quiv/ered

long strains of silence wofted dustmites
unsure how to handle that he is
now alone with secret virtuosos and chameleons


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