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2 poems by
Griffin Epstein
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Reflecting on Ginsberg, Valentines Day

My boyfriend and
are thinking of doing it
up the ass.
He is thinking of
sticking it
up my ass.
I have bought
Vaseline ($1.99)
for him
my head is down
and my will is up
Kevin today,
pressing hotel bathroom
tile with fist
my thumb tucked under head
twined round fingers, face
tilted up like the bowl of
the sink, a mirror-font,
over the phone, kevin says,
" dont be stupid,
you can't take it."
I smile
and grit my thighs.
I say
anything is a weapon
if you
your wit.

We now know because we now know now

We learned perspective in school today.
how things come to a point
at the center of the page.
how lines align
meet and dissolve.
We are learning distance.

We learned in school today
perspective in degrees.
20 points for hindsight
and a .45 for force.
We are learning metaphor
and charcoal drawing
so we can capture the
right angle of light
from the window,
the right shape
of the street.

Today, we learned to fight
fashion and draw straight.
this way, things will add up



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