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a poem by
Laurie Aron
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From Earth to Earth

Oaks’ fallen leaves flake brown tumbling to no finish line feather brown birds hopping among them silent while song trills from dry sticks sprouting chartreuse while

Piney chips fresh ground sawdust rot to acrid oak-spiked loam cushioning the fallen bodies assaulting the living for in the end there is no end and

Lazarus rose from stench to life, no less sweet than before the sweet rot which greeted him again in time though kind Mary nearly swooned from the odor of death yet

We must eat even my dog lunges all teeth at the newborn leaves my little one munches handfuls of rampant onion grass pushing through oak leaves and

we will go home to roast some sheep’s lamb with roasted eggs
and greet the wrinkled grandmas who will eat the babies all up they are so sweet.



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