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Dear Reader,

The distance between issues 6 and 7 has stretched a little further than anticipated. As usual, life stretches into life, and what we mean to do today becomes tomorrow and then next week. It is never intended, of course, but the circle of the tail which we always expect behind us, often comes before us and we inevitably stumble over it.

While we are stumbling, may we grab a pen and scrawl something intelligible on the way down.

To those of you who sit down every day at their typewriter, or computer, or put pen to paper, you fastidious wordsmiths, binging and purging daily, I tip my hat. And to those of you who write in fits, on coffee or second winds, doodling on napkins or whispering into tape recorders, scribbling and tearing, I offer my condolences, a wink and a smile.

To those of us who read what you have staged, for whatever manner it was born, I offer whimperbang 7.

Raymond Prucher
Editor, whimperbang


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