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Greg Braquet
Greg Braquet exists in New Orleans, but like most poets lives in a world of his own schmoosing. His poetry has appeared in such publications as The New Laurel Review, THEMA, The Tap Root Review, Lucid Stone, Desire Street, Poetry Life & Times, The Breath Magazine, Red River Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Pierian Springs, Tryst, Side Reality, The Adagio Verse Quarterly, The Little Green Tricycle, The Junket, Tin Lustre, L'Intrigue, Branches Quarterly, Exquisite Corpse and he was a recipient of the Delirium Journal's 2003 Choice Award.

Luke Buckham
Luke Buckham lives in Keene, NH, where he works as a cook at a Mexican restaurant and devotes most of his time to reading.  He has no girlfriend, no television, no car, no phone, and no money, which allows (forces?) him to dedicate much of his time to writing.  He highly recommends this spartan lifestyle to anyone who can embrace it.

Alison Eastley
Alison Eastley's work may be found in Can I Have My Ball Back?, A Zygote In
 My Coffee
, The Maverick Review, Snow Monkey, Perigee Magazine, Dicey Brown Poetry and many other fine literary journals. She lives in Australia with her husband and two sons.

George Freek
George Freek's work has recently appeared in Coal City Review, 2River, and The Chaffin Journal. His plays include The Stranger in Stanley's Room, recently published by the Aviar Press, and Concerto Grosso, JAC publishing.

Elizabeth Gauffreau
Elizabeth Gauffreau has previously published fiction in The Long Story, Soundings East, Ad Hoc Monadnock, Rio Grande Review, The Mystic River Review, The Brownstone Review, Blueline, Slow Trains, and eye-rhyme. She has published poetry in The Writing On The Wall, The Larcom Review, and Natural Bridge. Currently, she is an academic advisor and adjunct faculty with the College for Lifelong Learning in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Martin Jervis
Based in Leeds, England, Martin Jervis has previously published in Orbis, Outposts, Blue Fifth Review (US), Perigee (US), The Black Rose, Jones Av. (Canada), Eclipse, Decanto, Starving Art (US), Braquemard, Everyman Press, Poetic Hours, Poetry Repair Shop (US) and others. Reader's choice award in the Black Rose. Shortlisted twice for ANON. BA (Hons.) MA (Lit). Book in the pipeline.

Jennifer Lagier
Jennifer Lagier is a member of the Italian American Writers Association and the National Writers Union, Local 7. She has published poetry in a variety of journals, anthologies, and e-zines throughout the U.S. and Italy. Her work has appeared in the following anthologies: The Anthology of Monterey Bay Poets, The Milk of Almonds: Italian American Women Writers on Food and Culture, and Boomer Girls, among others. Her four books are Coyote Dream Cantos (Iota Press, 1992), Where We Grew Up (Small Poetry Press, 1999), Second-Class Citizen (Voices in Italian Americana Folio Series, 2000) and The Mangia Syndrome (Pudding House Publications, 2004). Jennifer teaches at Hartnell College and California State University, Monterey Bay. Please visit her personal web site,

James Lineberger
James Lineberger is a retired playwright and screenwriter who has been writing poetry almost exclusively for about ten years.

Neal McCormick
Neal McCormick is a graduate of St. Mary's College of California where he received a degree in Liberal Arts from the Integral Program. He has been published in Edgar Literary Magazine as well as displayed in Bay Area art galleries.  He now resides in Bend, Oregon.


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