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Janee Baugher
Janee Baugher holds degrees from Boston University and Eastern Washington University. Her poems have appeared in Rattle, Ekphrasis, Art Access, Synapse, and elsewhere. During the academic year she teaches Poetry Writing and is a freelance writer and editor in Seattle. Her summers are spent at Interlochen Center for the Arts (Interlochen, Michigan) where she teaches Creative Writing.

Ace Boggess

Ace Boggess of Huntington, WV, is author of one book of poems, THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL WHOSE WISH WAS NOT FULFILLED, and several unpublished literary novels being shopped to editors. His poems have appeared in Harvard Review, Notre Dame Review, Poetry East, Blue Mesa Review, Atlanta Review and similar journals. Currently he is promoting his new CD featuring 13 original songs, many of which can be found on the web as free mp3s.

R.T. Castleberry

R.T. Castleberry's work has been published in Another Chicago Magazine, Poet Lore, Borderlands, Concho River Review, RiverSedge, Common Ground Review, Snake Nation Press and Pacific Review. Castleberry is the co-editor of Curbside Review poetry journal and associate poetry editor of the online literary journal, Ardent.

Alan King

Alan King is a Print Journalist major currently attending Howard University. He has been active in Washington D.C.'s Arts community for 4 years. He is currently working on his first collection of poems, Mood Rings.

Lyn Lifshin
Lyn Lifshin's recent prizewinning book (Paterson Poetry Award) BEFORE IT'S LIGHT was published winter 1999-2000 by Black Sparrow press, following their publication of COLD COMFORT in 1997. ANOTHER WOMAN WHO LOOKS LIKE ME will be published by Black Sparrow-David Godine in September 2004. (ORDER@GODINE) Also recently published is A NEW FILM ABOUT A WOMAN IN LOVE WITH THE DEAD, March Street Press. She has published more than 100 books of poetry, including MARILYN MONROE, BLUE TATTOO, won awards for her non fiction and edited 4 anthologies of women's writing including TANGLED VINES, ARIADNE'S THREAD and LIPS UNSEALED. Her poems have appeared in most literary and poetry magazines and she is the subject of an award winning documentary film, LYN LIFSHIN: NOT MADE OF GLASS, available from Women Make Movies. Her poem, "No More Apologizing" has been called "among the most impressive documents of the women's poetry movement." An update to her Gale Research Projects Autobiographical series, "On The Outside, Lips, Blues, Blue Lace," was published Spring 2003. She is working on a collection of poems about the famous, short lived beautiful race horse, Ruffian. New chapbooks include WHEN A CAT DIES and ANOTHER WOMAN'S STORY and forthcoming chapbooks include MAD GIRL POEMS, BARBIE POEMS. A new collection, Persephone, will be published by Red Hen Press. More at

Maurice Oliver
After almost a decade of working as a freelance photographer in Europe, Maurice Oliver returned to America in 1990 to work for the Los Angeles Times. Then, in 1995, he made a lifelong dream reality by traveling around the world for eight months. But instead of taking pictures, he used the same acute creative energy to record the experience in a journal, which eventually became dozens of poems. And so began his ambition to be a poet. His poetry has appeared online in,,,,,,,, (The Potomac Journal), StrideMagazine (UK), and will appear in coming Spring/Summer 2004 issues of,, SpitjawReview and TaintMagazine. He presently resides in Portland, Oregon, where he works as a tutor.

Thomas Reynolds

Thomas Reynolds currently teaches at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. In his work, he combines his interests in history, folklore, Midwestern life, and poetry. His poems have appeared in New Delta Review, Midwest Poetry Review, Alabama Literary Review, The MacGuffin, The Cape Rock, American Western Magazine, The Green Tricycle, Tryst, Ariga, Eclectica, Strange Horizons, Prairie Poetry, 3rd Muse Poetry Journal, Pettycoat Relaxer, and Miller's Pond Poetry Magazine.

Jenny Steele
Jenny Steele's fiction has appeared in RiverSedge and and her poetry has appeared in Arsenic Lobster, Poetry Motel, The Curbside Review, The Lucid Stone, Wavelength. She is a graduate of The College of Santa Fe, New Mexico, but has since lived in her native Arizon.

Morissa Lou Williams


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