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a poem by
A. Lendon Heide
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Meridian Cyclist

A messenger guideline, this is where we most see them
Pulling sleep-head, carting powder-bait through whiskery ranchland

Through bayou peddling justly,
To cast off the skinning days that stand between our skylines, to sample
The shining risks,

To break this streamline, the upholstered must attic must only suspire, Animating rough digits into a machinists cloudburst
This carrying feathery mass, it weighed plans as it careened dark and careful

This telling yellow bandit,
Fit with cloaked fingers,

He fixed his buttoned garment while escaping with the icebox.
Handing numbers over, the rickety step of that meowing count

The roundabout manner of his details came chanting,
“I reek of last night”
Humbly proposing that ignoring these round umber features
Was certain a dull burning pasture
His top hat wore feathers and he gleaned a last grimace
From my toothy past, chicken cloaking flying
Against my fan-wind

I looked at the hallmark, admired the vegetable cringe
When watching was sighted
The callous discoveries that the green made forbearing
was shared
By the lean slivered muscle between us.

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